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How to make new turf tough

New turf is being laid at Saxon Meadows this week to ensure gardens are ready for new residents to enjoy the balmy summer evenings. Looking after it for the first few months will be essential to ensuring its stays tough enough to thrive throughout the year, so Darcliffe Homes has put together some top tips to help.


1. Moisture


Key to the growth of any new turf is the right amount of moisture; too much and it will rot, too little and it will die. You will need a hose-pipe to provide enough water. Do not leave the sprinkler in one place for more than 15 minutes otherwise it will over water. To check the lawn has had enough, carefully lift a section of turf using a knife to check the water has soaked through.


2. Feed it


Every time you mow a lawn you are actually removing some of its nutrients, so feeding it regularly will ensure it continues to growth healthily. The new turf will not need to be fed for the initial four weeks, but after this it will need food every two to three months.


3. Little and often


Mowing little and often is a better way to maintain a healthy lawn and will help create denser, stronger grass. Plus, don’t always mow in the same direction, changing the route will help grass grow too.


4. Keep off the Grass


Keep children, pets and adults away from the newly laid turf for as long as possible to help protect it and enable the roots to establish thoroughly.


5. Rain


Nature’s great hosepipe will help with keeping the turf moist, but always make sure the grass under overhanging hedges and trees isn’t forgotten. It may require watering by hand.


The homes at Saxon Meadows come with quality turf, attractive stone patios, sturdy sheds and fencing as standard. All the plots are now sold or reserved and Darcliffe Homes is currently building six semi-detached cottages at The Martens in Hinton Waldrist, Oxfordshire. Click here to see more information.