Protect your home over Christmas – Darcliffe Homes

Protect your home over Christmas

Christmas is a time for eating, drinking, family and fun. However we can often be so preoccupied with the fun part that we forget about hazards around the home. At Darcliffe Homes we want you to be able to enjoy the festivities so here are some top tips to protect your home this Christmas.

1. Look out there’s a thief about. Unfortunately burglars still operate at Christmas so try not to leave presents and valuables in full view of people walking by. If you have bought an expensive gift like a computer or television, avoid leaving the empty boxes visible by your bins.

2. If you are internet shopping, ensure delivery arrangements are in place so that any parcels are not left in accessible places outside your home.

3. If you’re away over the Christmas period then consider using a timer for your lights so that it gives the impression you are in. Having an outdoor light with a sensor over your front door can be a great deterrent.

4. If you have lights and decorations outside your home, try not to have any cables going through windows as it means leaving them ajar, which means easier access for thieves.

5. If you receive an expensive gift, inform your home insurance provider so that you are immediately covered. Taking a picture of the item also acts as proof if you need to claim in the future.

6. As much as it is tempting to use social media to ‘tag’ yourself on holiday over Christmas, it does show that your home is vacant so check your privacy settings first to make sure only friends can see your page.

7. For safety, unplug fairylights before bed or consider putting them on a timer to avoid any fire hazards. Remember, that fairylights can deteriorate over the years so consider replacing them with new ones which meet current safety standards.

8. Keep decorations well clear of any open flames and make sure all candles are extinguished before bed.