Reserving your home – Darcliffe Homes

Reserving your home

Once you have chosen your Darcliffe home, providing you are in a position to exchange unconditional contracts within 6 weeks, you can make a reservation. The documentation is usually issued by our legal team within 7 days of you reserving your new home.

To be able to exchange contracts unconditionally you need to be in one of the following positions:

  1. 1.  You have no property to sell.
  2. 2.  You are able to purchase your new Darcliffe home without needing to sell your existing home.
  3. 3.  Your current property is sold, subject to contract, with a complete chain of sales.

We ask for a £3,000 fee, payable at the time of reservation. This fee will enable the draft documentation for your new home to be issued to your solicitor. If an unconditional exchange of contracts is not achieved within the agreed period and the period has not been extended, then the fee is returned less £1,000 for costs incurred.

We undertake not to sell your choice of home to another customer during the reservation period.