The Ridings welcomes its first residents – Darcliffe Homes

The Ridings welcomes its first residents

Just 10 months since starting work on site at The Ridings, Tilehurst we are proud to announce that our first residents have moved to their new home.


We do not usually sell prior to establishing a Show Home but Kathryn, Ross and Elsie were the first to break this trend; they had a clear passion and desire that this was their perfect home, we agreed they could reserve and soon others followed. They chose their new home in July of 2018 and 6 months later moved into their new home which they are delighted with.


Kathryn explained “Moving to a new house is one of the top most stressful life events, yet Denise, Dawn and Graham have done everything to make it very enjoyable and far less stressful than expected. Our new home is beautiful, we were able to choose the finishing touches that suited our personality the most, and everyone who has visited has been amazed at the quality of finish seen throughout the house. We’ve even joked that if the time comes and we need another bedroom, we would just move into a larger house on this same development!! Darcliffe Homes haven’t just made us a house they have made us a family home.”


The development is still in progress and is due to complete by August 2019. Graham the Joint Managing Director of Darcliffe Homes stated “We always knew this development would be a special one, but we have been delighted with how special it has been. The amount of positive feedback we have had has been endless and even those who were at first against the development have commented on how impressed they have been after seeing the show home.”


With all 35 homes sold or reserved except one within 16 weeks of opening the doors of our show home.  The rapid and prompt sales were due to the local demand, with over 20 of the buyers being within 2 to 3 mile radius with the furthest being around 5 miles.  Darcliffe are delighted they have managed to fulfil the local need of houses and are proud to have made a substantial difference amongst the community, with the community being at the heart of our developments.


Our next families are due to move in March 2019. The development that is next to follow is Stoneham’s Farm, Tilehurst were again we hope to continue to fulfil the local demand. For more information and to register your interest please contact our sales team on 01189508366 or email